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A Fantasy No More
by: Tim Mack
There was a woman in the water.

I thought. "I better call the Bridge and tell them."

I was about to turn for the Bridge.

But I thought to myself.

"Her arms are waving at me and beckoning me to come in the water with her."

She had a radiant smile and when I looked further, I realized that she was wearing no clothes. She had the most beautiful body that I had ever seen.

After months at sea, the site of a beautiful womans breasts were wonderful. I felt like jumping in the water to rescue her. But I knew we had a protocal for such things and I knew I had to get a grip on myself.

I thought to myself. "Oh my God. I'm having a mermaid fantasy. Of course she can't be real. After all were a thousand miles from the nearest land and thats even a long swim for a mermaid."

I knew deep down that she couldn't be real, but I wanted her to be real. I needed her to be real. After months at sea without a woman, I was going to enjoy the sight of her regardless if she was real or not.

I thought. "I have to keep my wits about me."

But, I couldn't help but stare. She kept waving her arms at me and revealing the most perfect breasts I had ever seen.

Just then my shipmate Don appeared. He said to me.

"You see it to. Don't you?"

I said. "Tell me first what you see."

Don shouted out. "I see Jesus."

I asked. "Are you seeing Jesus as a Woman or as a Man?"

Don replied. "Everyone knows Jesus is a Man."

I replied back. "I like to keep an open mind on that subject."

Don just laughed and said. "Man, you're whipped."

I thought to myself. "Who knows whats really out there, if anything? But for sure, we all need to hit a port soon."

I thought to myself. "If I'm seeing Mermaids, the entire crew has to be crackers by now."

But then I thought to myself. "Maybe guys like I and Don, were really the lucky ones. Maybe each of us seeing what we wanted to see would keep us sane."

A few weeks later, we hit a port at last. I went to Jesse's Cafe to unwind and have a decent meal. Jesse was sort of my little secret. She was a girl that could really cook and she always made you feel at home.

I glanced up as I noticed the Cafe door open. A woman with the most fantastic body that I had ever seen, walked through the door.

I thought to myself. "I've only seen that ravashing a woman once before and it was in my recent mermaid fantasy."

As I poured my beer, I noticed that the ravishing mermaid was walking over to me. She had a very sexy blouse on and she had plenty of opened buttons showing off the cleavage of her magnificent breasts.

I felt sheer delight as I watched her breasts bounce as she walked. Looking down I noticed she was wearing a very short and tight skirt. She moved like a sex machine. She was 100% certified pure woman.

She smiled and said. "I've seen you on television."

I smiled back and said. "Thank you for the compliment, but I'm not an actor, I'm just a Sailor."

She said yes. "The Yankee Sailor that said eh seven times on Japanese television."

I laughed and said. "Oh, you saw that eh."

She said. "Yes. I'm a reporter and I tried to talk with you soon after I watched the news clip. You made my fantasy change flags."

I asked? "Change flags?"

She said. "Yes. Before that news clip, I had always envisioned a rustic Canadian Sailor in my fantasy, but you changed all that."

I laughed and said to her. "I recently had a mermaid fantasy that looked just like you."

She laughed and said. "Wow, you just topped any other line I ever heard. Why do you sound so Canadian?"

I explained to her. "Since the day I was born, there was a Canadian family from Newfoundland that lived next door to me. My family and theirs were very close and I picked up an enormous amount of their words and manerisms without realising it."

She said. "I find your voice incredibly sexy."

"Thank you." I said, as her sexy talk was now giving me a throbbing erection.

She asked. "Why didn't the Navy want anyone to interview you?"

I explained to her. "That I had no idea that the TV cameras were rolling and I had no clearance to say what I said. Someone had asked me to say a few words for their scrap book. And thats all I thought I was doing."

She said. "No wonder the interview was so good. Thats why it went off as being so natural."

I thought to myself. "Oh baby. Do I ever feel like getting all natural with you. Months at sea without a woman and now I'm sitting here talking. Oh, I don't want to really have a conversation with you right now. I just want to make love to you. Oh, yeah, lets just go somewhere private."

I told her. "The press may have liked it. But it didn't do much for my Naval Career. I was told that they got a very angry call from Washington and blamed me for setting our relations back about ten years with the Soviet Union."

I thought to myself. "What the hell am I doing. Why am I talking about the Russians to her? Screw the Russians. I haven't had anything in months."

She laughed and said. "Oh yes. I can see why Washington may have been upset. That clip of you pointing to the North and saying that Japan and the US must stay unified as long as there is that evil empire to the North."

I said to her. "Look, this is all of the record."

She smiled and said, "I understand."

Just then Jesse brought over her plate, and asked. "Would you rather have it at this table?"

She said. "Do you mind?"

I replied. "Of course not, I always keep this table reserved for my favorite mermaids."

As we talked, I realized that my mermaid, was not only ravishing, but she was also quite brilliant, very political and had a sense of humor and wit, that was very unique. I went for her, hook, line and sinker.

All my little worries about Jimmy Carter and the Russians were quickly fading away. Then she pulled her chair back and crossed her legs. She had the sexiest legs I had ever seen. I couldn't even imagine sexier legs in a wet dream as nice as hers.

As she crossed her legs, her skirt rode up her legs and revealed a beautiful pair of thighs. Then she leaned back in the chair and I could notice her blouse tugging at her very beautiful breasts. Then she uncrossed her legs and leaned back some more on the chair while letting her legs spread out wide from her skirt, further revealing her very firm and sexy thighs.

As her skirt rode further up her legs, I told her. "I can't help but stare at your beautiful thighs. This my first day in port after being out a few months."

She smiled and seemed pleased and thanked me for the compliment. Then she leaned over and placed her hand on my knee and said. "Your quite a treat yourself."

I laughed and said. "Ah, I bet you say that to all your sailors."

Suddenly she bent down to take something out of her bag. As she bent over I got a birds eye view of her very shapley breasts.

She pulled a pen out of her bag and said. "You've got to write your ships phone number down for me."

I watched as the pen fell out of her hand and on to my lap. As she reached for the pen on my lap, her fingers brushed my pants zipper and seemed to linger longer than would be expected. She didn't say anything, but I noticed she had quite a smile on her face.

She turned and said to me. "I know this very remote part of the beach where I take all my Sailors. Would you like to see it?"

I said sure. "I would love to see it."

It was truely a beautiful and romantic spot. As I gazed into her eyes I gently pressed my lips on hers. After a few short seconds, I realised that her lips were as hungry for mine as I were for hers.

As I put my arms around her and felt her breasts press against my chest, it felt wonderful again to smell a womans sweet perfume.

She twirled her tongue around mine as I drove my tongue deep inside her mouth. I unbuttoned her blouse and started to kiss her upper breasts as I felt her hands unbuttoning my shirt. I unfastened her bra as she bit sharply into my neck.

Her breasts felt wonderful to touch. They were firm and nicely shaped. As I started to swirl my tongue around her nipples, I could feel her hands unbuckling my belt. My heart raced as her hand reached over to adjust the lever to push the car seat back.

It felt wonderful to be with a woman again. But she was very special. She was a fantasy that came true. She made all the trials and tribulations of the journey worth it.

We dressed and then took a wonderful walk, hand in hand on the beach as the full Moon reflected off the water. I had found my fantasy mermaid and she had found her fantasy sailor.

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